Sue de Beer Explores Middle Eastern Mystique with New Video Installation

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Artist Sue de Beer's latest video installation The Blue Lenses focuses on the mysticism and otherworldliness that the Middle East has often held for Westerners. It is running through October 25th at New York's Marianne Boesky Gallery.

As the New York Times explains, "The film centers on the peregrinations of a young Arab woman and a scruffy, middle-aged con man — a white European, apparently. In alternating passages, each recalls seeing the other in different places under mysterious circumstances. It’s unclear who and what is real: Possibly he is a figure in a dream she had, or he might have dreamed her. A mood of nostalgic melancholy pervades the film as each seems to be trying to find the other without ever succeeding. The phantasmagoric confusion is enhanced at times by blurry multiple exposures and psychedelic flickering effects."


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