A Soundscape Made for Time-Lapse

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Time-lapse photographer Randy Halverson lends his talents into making the slow-building 15-minute music video for BT's "13 Angels on my Broken Windowsill." Says BT on the collaboration, "I’m always searching for people doing innovative things in other mediums, particularly visual art, to try and create a visual metaphor for what is happening sonically and musically. I’m especially drawn to people or companies who create new and/or proprietary visual modalities to achieve their goals and don’t let themselves be limited by existing technology...“When we started working on concepts for the ’13 Angels On My Broken Windowsill’ music video, I was drawn to Randy Halverson because I was amazed that he came up with a technique that could extend the range of viewable light normally visible to the naked eye and create new photography techniques to capture breathtaking visuals of the universe through stunning time-lapse and nature observation.”

Watch the video below and read more here on Wired.