Silent Short Documentary Tells Fascinating Story of Marble Quarries

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Yuri Ancarani's 15-minute short documentary "Il Capo" tells the story of Tuscany's Carrara marble quarries--the only place in the world the coveted white and gray material is mined--and its workers. The silent film focuses on the gestures that the foreman of the quarry has to make to give orders to his crew in the deafening environment.

Ancarani tells Fast Company's Co.Design, "Usually people are fascinated by the magnificence of the marble quarries, as they are scenic and very beautiful natural places. In this case, in addition to the spectacular nature of the quarry, when I looked down, I immediately found a strong interest in the people who worked there.”

Ancarani filmed for a year in order to create the 15-minute short. Watch an excerpt below. Read the full story here.


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