Short Film Documents the Harrowing Melting of Ice Caves

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Ben Canales' "Requiem of Ice" documents the changing face of the largest glacier cave system in the continuous United States, the Sandy Glacier Cave system.

The film took a year to make and involved five harrowing trips to the melting ice caves.

As Canales explains on his blog, "Since October 2013, we have made five trips to the Glacier Caves, each time hauling hundreds of pounds of camera gear miles and thousands of feet up in elevation..It is one of the most challenging environments to film in. Not only does its remote location mean hauling our equipment high up on the slopes of Mt Hood, but once inside the cave, the wet, cold, dark, and dirty conditions create a myriad of complications. Additionally, the caves are very dynamic and we had to constantly be vigilant about our safety. There was a staggering amount of structural collapse and rockfall that we observed and managing risk while filming was a top priority."

Watch below and read more here.