Shooting Mobsters: ARRI Amira Chosen for AMC's 'Making of the Mob'

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ARRI News reports that the people behind AMC mini-series Making of the Mob chose to go with the company's newer Amira cameras, rather than Alexas. 

"This docudrama format presented a unique challenge to the storytelling team of director John Ealer, cinematographer Andrew Huebscher and 2nd unit director/DP Johnny St. Ours," ARRI News says. "The filmmakers needed to craft a dramatic story spanning four decades of American history, while also creating compelling imagery for connective passages of voice-over." 

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Ian Bell as Meyer Lansky, John Stewart Jr. as Bugsy Siegel, Rich Graff as Lucky Luciano, Anthony DiCarlo as Frank Costello and Craig Rivela as Vito Genovese. Photo by Lawrence French/AMC

It later elaborates, "Though Ealer has shot earlier projects on the ARRI ALEXA, Huebscher lobbied for the AMIRA – which had just been released. Its lighter weight, smaller form factor, built-in ND's, and a higher max frame rate of 200 fps were all important selling points. What convinced Ealer to make the change was the AMIRA's unique color tool.

"Huebscher says, 'One of the draws of the AMIRA was its built-in color correction abilities. We would capture a still from the camera onto a memory stick, import into the AMIRA Color Tool program on a laptop, design a look using ASC CDL parameters, save that, and re-import back into the cameras. This look would then be applied to viewing monitors for John, Stephen and the network, as well attach itself to the ProRes 4444 files as non-destructive metadata, all while actually recording in Log C gamma. No additional hardware or LUT boxes were required on set. The editors could then access this look info with ease in the Avid for the offline edit.'"



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