Scott Cohen on His 'Red Knot' Film Shoot at Sea

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Writer/director Scott Cohen took a real risk when he decided to shoot an intimate relationship drama on a real-life research charter boat going from Argentina to Antarctica. His film Red Knot was shot over 23 days on the boat and took another five years to come to completion.

"[DP} Michael [Simmonds] and I discussed this before we left, we wanted to toggle between the confines of the ship and the expansiveness of the sea," Cohen tells The Credits. "We would try every day or so to go mount the camera in the same spot in the upper level and shoot the ship moving and the horizon shifting. We knew we’d never be able to return to the location. I didn’t sleep much, I was always wondering where were, and certainly the horizon and the sky become the dominant characters of the environment. I knew before we went that this was a story about a relationship between two people, which is so intimate, and our most expansive relationship, between us and the environment. Trying to figure out how to tell a story about both of those themes without being a flag waving environmentalist was tough."

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