Scalability and Stability: Rumble Reaches 250 Million Streams with Verizon's Edgecast CDN

Three years ago, Rumble executives were on the hunt for a content delivery network (CDN) that would help the company scale to the global video platform it is today.
Publish date: is a fast-growing open video platform. Video creators rely on Rumble to host, monetize and distribute content across TV and web from a single, centralized location.

Three years ago, before the company had reached its current measurement of more than 60,000 video creators and over 250 million streams per month, Rumble executives were on the hunt for a content delivery network (CDN) that would help the company scale to the global video platform it is today. Recognizing that performance and reliability are key to maintaining an online presence, they needed a solution that would not only accommodate their scaling and performance requirements, but would be able to grow with their needs.

When choosing a platform, Rumble CEO Christopher Pavlovski sought out an established CDN partner that was experienced in the space. "I've used a lot of other providers at previous businesses. When I started Rumble, I was confident that Verizon Digital Media Services was our best solution, and we started out of the gate with Verizon's Edgecast CDN because the team has a lot of experience in this industry," Pavlovski recalls.

For open video platforms like Rumble, having reliable services is necessary to retaining and attracting new customers. Pavlovski was drawn to Verizon's stability and performance. "I've never lost sleep worrying that our content might be down," says Pavlovski. "And I've never had to worry about scaling content delivery over the course of Rumble's existence. With Verizon Digital Media Services, we've slept at night, and we've been confident that our content will never have an issue."

Rumble started three years ago with 2.4 million streams a month, a number that has since grown 100x. The company has experienced improved latency and page load speeds, and continues to provide a reliable and stable experience to its growing number of subscribers. Thanks in part to a carefully chosen content delivery network partnership, Rumble is a leading open full-stack video platform, from ingest all the way to the viewer, and they expect to continue to grow.

"When it comes to content delivery, the Edgecast CDN has been doing a great job," says Pavlovski. "Uptime with the Edgecast CDN has been remarkable in terms of scaling. It has allowed us to scale this business without even thinking about the content delivery."  



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