'Regarding Susan Sontag' Director on Making a Film on the Complex Figure

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Regarding Susan Sontag director Nancy Kates talks to Flavorwire about her HBO documentary on the late great American intellectual.

Says Kates, "We’re always trying to balance what are the people who know too much about her are going to think versus the people who know nothing. It’s tricky, the people who know a lot, I felt a little intimidated by those people. There will be 5000 people that know about Sontag and the New York Review of Books and the post-war history of magazines like Partisan Review and then there’s 300 million Americans and I was like okay, maybe we should make the film for them. It was a very tricky balance but i did feel that maybe it’s a better thing to focus on them and to not worry so much about those inside baseball sort of people."

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