RED's Ted Schilowitz on 'The Hobbit''s HFR 3D

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48 RED Epic cameras were used to capture The Hobbit at a controversial 48 fps, and now RED's Ted Schilowitz is weighing in on the early criticisms of the format. He says, "A lot of the industry is depending on what happens to The Hobbit and asking whether people will embrace it or love it; will they get what Peter Jackson gets? I think the biggest thing that people have to understand is you are going to have to watch this more than a few minutes to start to really understand why this is so amazing and so powerful. What I predict is that everyone going into the theatre will spend the first couple of minutes trying to figure out what it is and asking themselves, ‘What am I actually watching?’ If you are open minded, you will start to feel the love and the joy. All of the things that have become artifacts of historical reasons of why we shot things at 24 aren’t relevant anymore; they are only relevant because that’s how we think things should be seen.”

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