RED Weapon vs. RED Dragon

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Phil Holland pits the new RED Weapon against the RED Dragon with a series of stress tests that focus specifically on dynamic range.

"I was beginning to feel something was a bit different. Then after further digging and getting intimate with the camera I discovered there indeed was a difference in the total captured dynamic range between RED Epic Dragon and Weapon," he writes on the RED USER forum. "It seems that RED has found a way to get a bit more out of the sensor, the most obvious changes are a slightly lower noise floor and a bit more highlight detail retention. Which essentially equates to more Dynamic Range.”



Interra Systems at CABSAT 2019

At CABSAT 2019, Interra Systems' product and technology experts will demonstrate how the company's cutting-edge solutions are helping the media industry with content quality control (QC), monitoring, and classification to streamline content management, improve efficiencies, and provide exceptional audio-video quality on every device. The flexibility of deploying Interra Systems' solutions in the cloud, on premises, or a combination of both, allows content creators and distributors to adopt a pragmatic approach best suited for their organization.