Rage Against the Machine: Neill Blomkamp Releases 'Rakka'

"[This] is Blomkamp's response to the traditional Hollywood model."
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Through his recently-formed Oats Studios, director Neill Blomkamp (District 9,Chappie) produced the short film "Rakka."

"Oats Studios is Blomkamp's response to the traditional Hollywood model," explains Charles Dean at The Playlist. "Through his own studio, he will help produce short films that will be released to audiences, with the hopes that some will catch on and become viral hits, leading towards enough money to create larger feature films. 

"'Rakka' tells the story of what happens after the aliens have invaded Earth. In 2020, aliens have completely taken over the planet and enslaved the human race, altering the Earth's atmosphere. The film is experimental in that it is told through various points of voice and not just a single narrative."

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Oats Studios, Blomkamp explains to Mark Yarm, is "a strange experiment born out of wanting to be able to make whatever we felt like making and giving it directly to the audience."

"All the films will be free to watch, though fans will be able to purchase them through Steam, entitling them to assets like 3D models, the score and raw footage. 'I'm really interested in opening up all that the stuff that is usually hidden behind closed doors in filmmaking,' Blomkamp says, 'so that anyone who feels like they can cut it together in a more interesting way, or who just wants to take a stab at it because they're learning film editing, can have access to that."

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