Public Discourse Creates Unique Video Art in Palo Alto's City Hall

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Palo Alto's City Hall is the site of artist Susan Narduli's "media arts representation of democracy unfolding in realtime."

Entitled "Conversation," the interactive video wall scans social media and news feeds and allows users to respond with comments and photos of their own, generating a unique visual to go with current events and public discourse.

As Narduli explains on her website, "We were intrigued with the idea that we could use public participation to form new, malleable shapes and patterns in real time and found that using fluid dynamics gave the artwork the levels of complexity and the variations in behaviors that we were seeking. The result is a coupling between realtime and non realtime elements...The City of Palo Alto asked that this artwork in their City Hall represent and encourage an open, transparent and creative style of governance, aware of the risks."

Watch it in action below.


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