The Power of Color: Jason Levine Demonstrates Creative Uses of Adobe Hue CC

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The folks at Adobe have an ongoing challenge to filmmakers to transform the feel of a short clip via custom Looks created with Adobe Hue CC (Creative Cloud). Here Jason Levine used the toolset to augment a single clip in ways that look and feel very different from one another.

Below, watch the different versions play one after the other.

Jason Levine speaks to Adobe's blog about his technical and creative approaches to Hue:

What do you think of Adobe Hue?Adobe Hue CC is a fantastic way to apply your own visual memories of color and light, time and day, directly to your video content. It’s a great way to get started with color and grading, and the simple implementation of the app gives the user a truly infinite palette of color presets, right from their camera phone.

Do you have any suggestions for people who want to use Adobe Hue? Try it for yourself. It will amaze you. The fact that we’re actually creating 3D LUT files gives the power user a lot of flexibility; and for new users, it is once again a unique way to have color presets “built” for your video, based on places and images of color and light that you’ve personally experienced. And that’s what we try to do with our stories… share our personal experience, our connections to a place in time, the look-and-feel of a place in time, and that’s  precisely what Adobe Hue CC delivers.

Below, watch his workflow, in which he brings his #MadeWithClip project and his Looks from Adobe Hue into Premiere Pro CC 2015.



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