Pietro Scalia: Editing Is the Moment of Creation

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Category Five Studios chats with Oscar-winning editor Pietro Scalia (JFK, The Martian) about his career and cutting philosophies.

"If you ask a lot of directors, they will tell you that they do enjoy being in the cutting room because that’s really a safe haven," Scalia says. "It’s safe in there to try things out, to not worry about the time and the complications on the set. Being on the set is very, very hard. You’re always fighting time and logistics. You have to maneuver and orchestrate hundreds and hundreds of people to get the shots done. The cutting room is calm. It’s a calm environment. It gets intense but it should be an environment where you’re free to be creative and feel safe in trying things out and making mistakes. But at the same time it’s also a very, I think it’s a special and magical place. Very few people actually get to see it because it is the moment where you really make the film come alive. It’s a moment of creation. I mean, yes, you have all the material, all the takes, but when you remove all the artifice from the material and you put the scene together, and the performances, and you start making these characters become real and they actually evoke certain emotions, it’s a wonderful place to be...It’s an intimate space between the director and an editor."


Soft Darts Professional Tour Japan Uses Blackmagic Design Products for Tour’s Live Production

Soft Darts Professional Tour Japan Uses Blackmagic Design Products for Tour’s Live Production

Blackmagic Design announced today its products were used for the live production of SOFT DARTS PROFESSIONAL TOUR JAPAN, including ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K, which has become the center of the tour’s live workflow. Production included shooting, recording, streaming to YouTube and video distribution throughout the venue of games performed on the main stage, and was also done using ATEM 1 M/E Advanced Panel, Micro Studio Camera 4K, HyperDeck Studio Mini and Video Assist 4K.


Bannister Lake Releases Chameleon Version 10 Real-Time Data Aggregation and Graphics Management Solution

Chameleon, Bannister Lake's data aggregation and graphics management solution is introducing dramatic new enhancements with a strong focus on election data. Within its election module, Chameleon Version 10 improves how election data is ingested and managed. The new release expands the ability to enter manual election results where data feeds may not be available. This is particularly useful in less populated districts or in jurisdictions where it is not practical to organize a real-time results feed. The new functionality also provides an important failsafe in situations where a data feed may have stopped working.


SMPTE's Latest IMF Plugfest Makes Significant Progress Toward Interoperability

SMPTE®, the organization whose standards work has supported a century of advances in entertainment technology and whose membership spans the globe, today announced that the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) plugfest, held Oct. 18-19 in Hollywood, California, marked another milestone in the development of the IMF family of international standards (SMPTE ST 2067), with more than 48 participants making progress toward interoperability.