Peter Jackson: 'For Me, 3D and 48 Frames Is a Blessing'

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The Huffington Post talks to Peter Jackson about his controversial decision to shoot The Hobbit in 48 frames per second. He says of the criticism that the film looks too real, "You see, it's a philosophy thing because I think my favorite fantasy does look real. I mean, I'm not trying to make a surreal fantasy film. I'm not trying to make something that looks like a dream. I want people to feel like they're going to Middle-earth. As a filmmaker, my style is using a lot of wide angle lenses and to keep the camera moving. And all of that style is my natural, how I actually direct. But I think it helps people draw into the movie. It helps people become part of the story. The camera is almost like a character in the film. You're feeling the story through the camera movement. So, for me, 3D and 48 frames is a blessing. Because, for me, it's only a plus. All that I get from it is that I get to use these tools to enhance the experience. It's what I've always tried to do. I've always tried to make my fantasies look real."

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