The Perfect Score: Mixer Chris Jenkins and Composer Junkie XL Discuss 'Black Mass'

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Frequent collaborators dialogue/music re-recording mixer Chris Jenkins and composer Tom Holkenborg discuss their work on "Black Mass" with Mel Lambert"

"'Black Mass' is a smaller, more intimate film with sparse music and effects, and a careful balance within the surround channels to support the dialogue," says Holkenborg. Jenkins adds, “Tom and I were very cognizant of trying to be smart with the soundscape, yet not disorient the audience.

"I played a 40-minute temp score to the director on the stage and asked if he recognized his movie in my music," the composer continues. "He and Chris liked what they heard, and so we kept the score small with sparse instrumentation. I focused on just organ and cello — with added woodwinds and strings — but not much else."

"It is also useful to hear a trial mix before we commit to anything final," Jenkins says. "We took over a stage at Warner Bros. for a day to get time alone and hear what we had for 'Black Mass.' That time was extremely useful for both of us to fully understand the dynamics of the score, and how it was going to play against the dialogue and subtle sound effects," which were handled by co-mixer Ron Bartlett on Warner Bros Stage 9, with Mark Mangini once again stepping up as supervising sound editor. Click here to read the full article.


Qoncept Inc. Uses DeckLink SDI Micro for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

Qoncept Inc. Uses DeckLink SDI Micro for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

Blackmagic Design announced today that Blackmagic’s DeckLink SDI Micro was used for capture and playback with the pitching tracking system “Baseboy,” a newly announced system by Qoncept Inc. capable of visualizing a ball’s path and interlocking with a camera feed. Baseboy was first used, in conjunction with a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, in the recent Japan/US international baseball match, Samurai Japan Series 2019, broadcast by TV Asahi as Japan’s first real time baseboy analysis system.