'Our Nixon' Filmmaker Penny Lane on Curation as Art

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Documentarian Penny Lane talks to Fandor about her archival footage documentary Our Nixon. She says, "In general, I would say the relationship between a lot of the work I’ve done and Our Nixon comes from that interest in and ongoing fascinating with working with found material. That’s always been there for me, from the very beginning of making films, ten or twelve years ago now. I felt really bad about it for a long time. There’s an idea people say all the time: ‘Film is a visual medium.’ Creating images has never been the thing I love the most about filmmaking or the thing that I’m best at doing. For a long time I thought, ‘Oh, I’m not really a filmmaker, because film is a medium about making images.’ And it doesn’t drive me. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realized this was a perfectly acceptable way to make films. There are different roles for the artist in society. I feel like especially in the world we live in where there is this unbelievable accumulation of sound and data and facts and material that an artist could accept a role of curation and commentary and archeology and accept that it’s legitimate and valuable."

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