For One DIT, 'The Hobbit''s HFR 3D 'Cheapens the Cinematic Experience'

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DIT Ben Cain did not have a positive reaction to seeing The Hobbit at 48 fps. He writes, "In my opinion, HFR 3D as an effect was so distracting that it also drew attention to a multitude of other visual shortcomings like overlit sets, glaring seams in makeup and costume, not to mention instantly recognizable imaging characteristics associated with the RED camera...I'm all for progress and pushing the art and craft of motion picture filmmaking into the next stage of its evolution but I must say that for me, HFR 3D cheapens the cinematic experience."

Read his full post here on his NegativeSpaces blog.



SMPTE Australia Section Issues Call for Papers for METexpo Conference

SMPTE®, the organization whose standards work has supported a century of advances in entertainment technology, and whose membership spans the globe, today announced that the SMPTE Australia Section has issued a call for papers for its forthcoming Media + Entertainment Tech Expo (METexpo) Conference, which will be held between 18-20 July 2019 at the International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia.