An Ocean of Creative Sound Design for 'All Is Lost'

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In a film with very little dialogue, the sound design became even more of a key factor to convey the ominous tone of lost-at-sea adventure, All Is Lost.

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Robert Redford in

All Is Lost

. Photo by Daniel Daza.

Says supervising sound editor Steve Boeddeker to Indiewire, "I kept thinking of the story as a western. Instead of a cowboy, we have a sailor; instead of a horse, we have a boat as a sidekick; and instead of the desert, we have the Indian Ocean. That metaphor helped us figure out how to do it. Brandon Proctor focused on Redford and I handled the boat. Richard [Hymns] as a supervisor and lifelong sailor, organized the logistics and arranged for recording trips on sailboats to get authentic sounds. And also for me was a safety net. I could experiment with sounds to convey the emotion and Richard kept it technically authentic."

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