Mykki Blanco's 7-Minute Music Video Is Cinematic Intensity

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Tristan Patterson directs the music video for Mykki Blanco's "Coke White, Starlight," an intense and beautifully shot 7-minute video that embraces everything from the darkness of drug addiction to an underwater escapade.

Patterson tells Dazed about filming in Greece, "I felt like setting Mykki against the birthplace of western civilization was a potentially interesting juxtaposition. But I was also just really excited and curious about this unique moment in her life as an artist and where she was going to take it. I arrived in Athens with no plan, no agenda. We’d shoot all day and talk all night and somehow through this intense, insane creative process, we made a film together that I think captures this really personal experience we shared in such a crazy, cinematic way.”

Watch below. (NSFW language)