Milk Delivers Effects to 'Doctor Who' Special

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Milk Visual Effects contributed to BBC’s 3D Doctor Who 50th anniversary episode, “The Day of the Doctor,” creating a series of large-scale CG environments, action shots and CG spacecraft in stereoscopic 3D. Milk created 129 visual effects shots, including the dramatic sequences featuring the Gallifreyan city of Arcadia under siege at the hands of the Daleks, and fly-through shots of the city intended to immerse the television audience.

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The Milk team also created 3D paintings set in London’s National Gallery through which characters witness this catastrophic battle and which form the entry point for the viewer to fly into the city. One of the biggest challenges was creating a framed painting that appears to be a two dimensional object but which, when the camera moves around it, is revealed to be a full 3D environment with depth.



University of Louisville Completes State-of-the-Art Control Room Build With Systems Integration by BeckTV

BeckTV, one of the United States' premier design-build systems integrators, served as the systems integrator for the control room build at the new University of Louisville (UofL) Athletics Broadcast Center in Louisville, Kentucky. The state-of-the-art, 7,850-square-foot television production facility, which opened its doors in September 2018, is designed to house all of the equipment and personnel necessary to originate live programming for the comprehensive linear and digital ACC Network, which will be launched by the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and ESPN in 2019.