Michel Gondry Goes Analog for 'Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?' Animations

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Michel Gondry talks to Filmmaker Magazine about his unusual documentary, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, in which Gondry animates the musings of Noam Chomsky.

Explains Gondry about the analog making of the animations, "I had a light box, and I used animation paper, and I drew with Sharpies, which are very bright and sort of diffuse into the paper. So that gives a very nice texture. And the paper is very thin, so, with the light coming through from underneath, you can use a picture like I used, printed out from my printer, and use the picture in negative. So if I wanted a finer result, I could switch back to positive, so the background would be positive and the drawing would be negative. So it was sort of like post-production, but it was all before the shooting. And I shot it all with my 16mm mechanical Bolex. So it’s on film, and it’s something over which I had full control. It’s a setup I can put in a very small room, or even in my closet in Los Angeles, and I can do it everywhere I go — in New York, Paris. So I could continue the work wherever I was. I could do some of the animation on a small light box that I could carry with me."

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