'Macbeth' Reimagines Shakespeare as a Western

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Macbeth producer Iain Canning talks to Where to Watch about the acclaimed modern Shakespeare adaptation starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard.

"It was a real 360 shooting experience in the sense that [director] Justin [Kurzel] was really super keen for the film to have scope and to mirror the emotional state of some great film Westerns," explains Canning. "We were going to shoot in the winter, but then we had the worst winter of the last 50 years. We were hearing stories where whole sets had lifted off the floor and moved, it was pretty intense. But I have to say with everyone involved, that they so believed in Justin and the film and the adaptation that they just really battled through and I think everyone was incredible professionals. I do think everyone knew it would be a very strange Macbeth if it was blue skies the whole time."


Qoncept Inc. Uses DeckLink SDI Micro for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

Qoncept Inc. Uses DeckLink SDI Micro for Pitching Tracking System Baseboy

Blackmagic Design announced today that Blackmagic’s DeckLink SDI Micro was used for capture and playback with the pitching tracking system “Baseboy,” a newly announced system by Qoncept Inc. capable of visualizing a ball’s path and interlocking with a camera feed. Baseboy was first used, in conjunction with a Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K, in the recent Japan/US international baseball match, Samurai Japan Series 2019, broadcast by TV Asahi as Japan’s first real time baseboy analysis system.