The Logmar-8 Is a Super 8 Camera with Digital Technology

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A Danish father-son team have introduced the Logmar S-8, the first new Super 8mm camera to be launched in 30 years.

Explains Wired, "The Logmar is a Super 8 camera that combines the best of analog and digital technology. Pro-grade features on the Logmar include: rock steady picture stabilization, courtesy of a fixed pressure plate and precision milled registration pin; a camcorder-style, side-mounted swivel LCD display; C-mount threads for quick lens swaps; and programmable frame rates (16fps to 54 fps) and exposure times. Firmware updates are downloaded via a USB port. And, for armchair directors, there’s Wi-Fi remote-control capability; the Logmar generates its own hotspot and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone."

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