Lightcraft Previzion Portable

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Works with Airtrack precision rotary tracking system. Price: Systems start at $78,500

If a production calls for lots of integrated effects, being able to see the results on location makes sense. That''s why Lightcraft thinks it has a winner with its Previzion Portable, an integrated visual-effects-pipeline-in-a-suitcase that enables quick builds of blue- and greenscreen visual-effects composites on set. The company may be onto something: The technology comes out of a prior company, Cambridge, Mass.-based Cinital. Begun by one of the Roomba home robot developers, Eliot Mack, the Cinital process offered an integrated realtime on-set visual-effects pipeline that included advanced 3D camera tracking, live video I/O, keying, 3D background rendering, compositing, and realtime color correction.

Well, all that turns up here in Mack''s new Pasadena, Calif.-based company—in a more rugged, refined version that understands the demands of Hollywood a lot better.

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