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'Life of Pi''s Tim Squyres on Editing: It's Not a Science

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Lif of Pi editor Tim Squyres talks to The Verge about the crux of his job, as well as the challenges of editing a 3D film for the first time. He says, "There are hundreds of little decisions [an editor] make[s] per day. You just do it. You do what feels right. You can think exhaustively or you can go by feel. Ultimately, you develop instincts about what things work. When you first see the footage, if something is really striking you have to really trust that. It’s not a science. Sometimes things work in ways you can’t really quantify. Sometimes I show it to someone and they say 'wow' even if they can’t say why. It’s important to try a lot of things and find the relationship between this look and this reaction, and that line and this hesitation. My assembly process isn’t just about getting one version. It’s about exploring what’s in the footage and trying different things."

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