Lenny Abrahamson Plays with the Contraints of Space in 'Room'

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Director Lenny Abrahamson talks to Moveable Fest about his adaptation of bestelling novel Room, which focuses on the relationship between a mother and son forced to live in a 10x10 cell.

“We saw if we concentrate on faces, the walls of the room can actually disappear,” says Abrahamson. "Scale is really an elastic for a kid. Jay’s attention can be captured by some tiny corner of the room or some texture on the table or his thoughts could drift off into the abstract. We were able to follow that for those periods of time with him, then holding on [his mother], you suddenly feel all of the things that she is protecting her boy from. You can see those on her face, so it’s a combination of how you study the character, what scales you operate at, the kind of lenses you choose.”