Laurie Anderson Tells a Story About Stories in 'Heart of a Dog'

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In experimental new film Heart of a Dog, artist Laurie Anderson reflects on the loss of her mother, dog, and husband while finding the universal truths that exist behind everyone's anecdotes.

"It’s really a collection of short stories, is what it is," Anderson tells Film Comment. "There are stories about surveillance culture, some of them, and there are stories about my past: some about the things I observed around me, and some are made-up scenes. I ask a lot of the viewer in this. You’re not gluing to a hero, and identification isn’t really what this is about. It’s almost about quite the opposite. You’re asked to see something through a dog’s eyes and then through the lens of a surveillance camera and then you’re floating around bodiless in the Bardo. Who… what are you doing here? So I do in a sense ask for a lot of flexibility from the viewer. It’s a really challenging movie to see from that point of view."