Laundry! Recalls Max Headroom for Eminem's 'Rap God'

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Laundry! and director Rich Lee have teamed up for Eminem’s latest video, "Rap God."

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Laundry! created a humorous, cartoon-like treatment inspired by Max Headroom, a popular animated character and TV personality from the 1980s, complementing both the fast-paced edit and the rap star’s signature wit. To further enhance and sell this approach, Laundry! built and animated musically-driven line animations that serve as a nod to Headroom. The updated animations were designed to match the frenetic tempo of the track.

Laundry! strategically amplified the visuals to peak at the song’s climactic verse, Eminem’s rapid-fire technical display that finds the MC serving up 100 words in 16 seconds, represented visually when his brain explodes.