Kinect and a Full Spectrum RED Epic Make Constellations Out of Band Members

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Used as a blueprint for making the full music video for Tycho's "See," the "performance cut" of the video showcases all of the magical effects that came from a Kinect and a modified RED Epic.

Cinematographer Joe Picard explains to The Creators Project, "We started experimenting with infrared lighting and discovered that the IR emitter in the Microsoft Kinect projected a starfield-like dot pattern not unlike what a 3D render of point cloud data looks like. Captured with our full spectrum camera, it became photographic, where fields of bokeh and shimmering discs reveal multiple layers of shape and form. In addition, some of the lens flares we were able to make with the Kinect are unlike anything we've ever seen before—creating super dense moire patterns and 3D-like caustic inversions of lens geometry."

Watch the performance and full music videos (directed by Bradley Munkowitz) below and read more here.



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