Instant Expert: X Marks the Spot: New Plug-Ins and Tools for Final Cut Pro X 10.0.6

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Calibrated {Q} MXF Import

Calibrated Software


Calibrated{Q} MXF Import for OS X is a QuickTime import component for native importing and editing of MXF Files within Final Cut Pro 6, 7 and X without using Log and Transfer. In addition to FCP, MXF Import supports native MXF use in CatDV, Compressor, Motion, Soundtrack Pro, QuickTime Player and Shake. MXF Import also allows import/editing of DNxHD .MXF files in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and Adobe Media Encode.  

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Hamburg Pro Media


Another plug-in newly updated for FCP X, part of a family of products that enables MXF and related file wrappers to work natively in QuickTime and FCP X.

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This is another plug-in that runs within the FxFactory engine. The world these days is all about looks—new looks, old looks, funky looks, etc. Nostalgia provides exactly what its name implies. Choose from one of 10 vintage presets, or use the Flare Builder to create your own organic effects. Could become your favorite!  

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XEffects 2

Industrial Revolution


Those FxFactory-driven plug-ins just keep coming, and at no-brainer prices. The XEffects 2 package includes 24 transitions in xyz (3D) space with camera moves, variable focal lengths, shallow depth of field, lighting and reflections.

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RED Final Cut Pro X Plug-In

RED Digital Cinema


With this plug-in, Final Cut Pro X will support native editing of REDRAW files. Import your raw clips just as you would any other clip in FCP X. In the properties inspector of the clip, choose all of your familiar REDRAW options, from color temp to first light grading to gamma matrix. It’s pretty amazing to be able to scrub REDRAW files in real time. Also works in conjunction with RED ROCKET cards installed in your machine.

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Sometimes I think I don’t need a plug-in to create glitches in my footage. Nah, I’m really better than that. mGlitch creates some very cool and customizable glitches, distortions and jitters directly within FCP X or Motion 5.

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Red Giant Retrograde

Red Giant and CrumplePop


Jointly developed by Red Giant Software and CrumplePop, Retrograde emulates the look of numerous 16mm and 35mm film stocks. The software was created using scans of old film and interpreting those looks digitally to create emulation through the plug-in. Really interesting and faithful to the original look.

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Advanced Masking Tools 2



Advanced Masking Tools 2    FCPeffects    $39    FCP X lacks a lot of native masking capabilities. This plug-in has some 20 predefined masks that can be adjusted and keyframed. Each mask has four presets, or adjust settings yourself. Also 4-, 8-, 12-, 16- and 20-point masks, which can be customized. This little product really fills a niche.

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Pixel Film Studios

$29 (limited time)

PROSHIVER joins Pixel Films’ other plug-ins, including PROLENS (lens plug-ins and video enhancing tools), PROACTION (action color grades), PROGRADE (color grades), PROFLARE (light leaks), PROVINTAGE (vintage color grades) and PROVOGUE (pop color grading effects). I particularly like PROSHIVER, which offers 60 malfunction effects. Use them for a kinetic, fast-paced feel in your videos. Check it out. It’s far cooler than I can describe.  

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Ripple Training


This one isn’t brand new, but I like it so much I had to share it with you. Create speech bubbles, map trajectories, checklists—anything that in film days we would describe as a “call out.” It is downright useful and can add everything from whimsy to professionalism to your clips. Also runs via FxFactory.  

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