Inside the Encrypted, Secure Post-Production Process of 'Citizenfour'

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When you're making a documentary as controversial as sensitive as Citizenfour, Laura Poitras' film about Edward Snowden's NSA leak, it only makes sense that you'd make sure all of your footage and data is as secure as it can be.

"All of our media was stored on encrypted drives, so you had to enter passwords and if the editing room ever got raided, they wouldn't get all of our outtakes," Poitras explains to The Verge. "That's a lot of encrypted drives, but ultimately you enter a password when you turn on your computer, it's not that different than stuff you know. It just takes some time and you need someone who's devoted to it. And technically, it takes some time to do the encryption, but once it's there, it basically just operates like a hard drive."

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