An Indie Success Story: Making 'Whiplash' With No Compromises

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Grantland's Kevin Lincoln explores the inspiring story of how filmmaker Damien Chazelle made his independent film, music drama Whiplash, without compromise and to rave reviews.

Writes Lincoln, "When Chazelle initially met roadblocks in L.A., his solution was to write the kind of scripts that he thought the industry wanted — scripts that would sell. It was better than tutoring. His produced writing credits include 2013’s The Last Exorcism Part II and 2014’s Grand Piano, which started as a spec about a gunman threatening an anxiety-ridden concert pianist that was made into a thriller starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack.But those scripts were for money — Whiplash was an antidote to his problems, and his first major effort since Guy and Madeline to write a movie that he’d not only want to direct but also see."

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