Indie Darling Joe Swanberg Is Happy to Go Mainstream

His latest film 'Win It All' is currently reaching a broad audience on Netflix.
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After years of cultivating a cult following with his prolific, indie filmmaking career, mumblecore pioneer Joe Swanberg is happy to be reaching a broader audience through his recent deals with Netflix. His latest film,

Win It All

--about a gambling addict dealing with the ultimate temptation--is now streaming on the site.

"I’m very excited to be at a place where people would be accessing the work who have no idea who I am and aren’t even the kind of viewers who pay attention to who the director is, you know?" Swanberg tells


. "After a very long time of living within what felt like this really vibrant and interesting cinephile world, with film festivals and theatrical releases and the kind of audiences that the IFC Center or the Music Box in Chicago cultivates, there’s something very nice about moving outside of that and sort of working in a way where the work has to stand up to a broader audience who is going to approach it like it’s the new Netflix show or movie, not the new Joe Swanberg movie. I’m sort of ready to be at that place. I’m having a very good time checking the responses to the work when it’s not a person who has seen anything else I’ve made. They’re just sitting down to watch a TV show or a movie."

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