Impressive 8K Raises As Many Questions As It Answers

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NHK recently presented a series of short films shot in 8K at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

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A scene from 8K short film, "The Chorus."

Says FIlmmaker Magazine's Kaleem Aftab, who was on-hand to view the films, "What was immediately striking was that the image was so crisp that it was possible to distinguish the leaves on the trees in the background. Rather than making the image seem flat, the clarity gave the picture a depth hitherto unseen on digital projections. The colors were also magnificent. The whites and blacks were stunning. At one moment a white vest climbs from under a white duvet with zero blurring or merging. There was only one moment where I felt like I saw a white glow that didn’t look real (see questions below) – this came when a black-suited man walked in front of a window. But outside light seeping through windows is an issue that always seems to be problematic when shooting on digital cameras...It’s impressive, but as with all advances in camera technology the screening also raised as many questions as it answered."

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