The Ikonoscop A-Cam dII vs. the Blackmagic Cinema Camera

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Filmmaker Andrew Reid gives his first impressions of the Ikonoskop A-Cam dII, especially as it compares to the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. He writes, "All in all I felt the Ikonoskop was a powerful 16mm film replacement for purist filmmakers. I don’t think it has has quite the consumer or mass market appeal of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera but it has the all important cinema DNA and rare qualities at the price point like global shutter. It is a versatile camera. On one hand a soulful narrative filmmaking camera, but on the other hand a good action sequence camera because focus is far easier on 16mm for fast action and the global shutter eliminates jello and skew altogether. Like the Blackmagic Cinema Camera it is also a far better choice for green-screen and keying FX work than a compressed 8bit cinema camera or a DSLR."

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