'I Am Not a Serial Killer' Finds a Sense of Lynchian Foreboding in Its Snowy Locale

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Billy O'Brien's darkly comic film I Am Not a Serial Killer centers around a sociopathic teenager living in a small Midwestern town who is afraid of his own capacity to kill, until a real-life serial killer suddenly gives him a new purpose in life: to catch him.

O'Brien talks to Dazed about being inspired by the setting of Dan Wells's original book. "The small, midwest town in the snow was just so cinematic. It had a real character about it," he says, before going on to explain that shooting on location came with its own serendipitous look. "There was the landscape and the light out there, which was so inspiring in itself. In the UK and Ireland, we get really grey winters, but even though it was minus 20 over there, they get an awful lot of sunshine and the sun reflects off the snow which creates a light that is amazing on film. The other thing about the town that was great visually is that it’s all heated through central heating plants, which we included a lot in the film. It’s like New York, with steam billowing from the streets, and that gave a real David Lynch sense of foreboding to everything which was remarkable. You couldn’t pay for that!"

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