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The Hybrid Cinematography of 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

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As a Martin Scorsese picture, The Wolf of Wall Street has certain luxuries afforded to it. One of these is a film and digital hybrid approach that, despite additional cost to production, best served the look of the film.

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Explains DP Rodrigo Prieto to American Cinematographer, "When we started testing different digital cameras and ideas, I also shot film as a benchmark so I could understand differences in terms of latitude, color and so on. I shot the same images on film and on digital, and when I screened the tests for Scorsese, he kept pointing to the film versions and saying they looked better, basically noting that the skin tones were richer and there was more color nuance. So, I went to our producers to explore the financial implications of shooting on film negative and reserving digital capture for low-light situations. After looking at the comparative costs, production agreed to work with that hybrid method.”

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