How Tom McCarthy's 'Spotlight' Stays Authentic to Journalism

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Acclaimed film Spotlight tells the true story of the group of journalists at the Boston Globe who had one of the biggest stories of the 2000s when they worked to reveal the Catholic Church's covering up of pedophile priests. Director Tom McCarthy talks to Indiewire about staying authentic to the tactics the journalists used, even if it didn't seem like the most cinematic of choices.

"We were very committed to being as true to the work these reporters do as possible," he said. "We put our money on [the idea that] committing to that process, albeit analog and dated, was just going to be compelling, in the sense that there's no substitute for roll-up-your-sleeves blue collar journalism. It was essential that we portray that as accurately as possible and not try to glamorize it or romanticize it or sensationalize it in any way."


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