How Shynola Developed/Designed the (Awesome) Opening for 'GLOW'

"It had to be the right side of badly made."
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Shynola's title sequence for the Netflix series GLOW skillfully combines the best and worst of the 1980s. "The animated sequence features silhouettes of female wrestlers in the ring, their outlines resembling neon lights," explains Rachael Steven. "It combines popular animation effects from the era with type reminiscent of the kind seen in '80s computer games, but the end result is much more sophisticated than credits created at the time.

"It had to be the right side of badly made," explains [Shynola co-director Richard "Kenny"] Kenworthy. "We did toy with the idea of completely de-resing the whole thing, as if we’d found this title sequence and uploaded it from a VHS tape, but that’s not really what the show is like," he explains.

"The show is sort of like a refined, sophisticated version of the 80s.… It's not pastiche. It's quite respectful, and it's shot on modern cameras and looks beautiful, so we couldn't do something that looked it was filmed on a potato. We had to find something in between, something that felt genuine in exactly the same way as the show felt genuine, but also modern."

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