How to Prepare Digital Deliverables for Distribution

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Reporting from the "Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Deliverables (But Were Afraid to Ask)" panel from #ArtistServices Workshop at IFP Week, Indiewire divulges some of the info that was discussed about how to prepare films for distribution.

They write, "Few people go into the business of making films because of a passion for file conversions or frame rate quandaries. But the truth is that every filmmaker who wants his or her film to be seen, screened, distributed, or streamed needs to contend with these and other issues pertaining to the swiftly changing world of digital deliverables. Gone are the days when reels of 35mm film were all you needed to show your film; now you need to juggle between ProRes files, HDCAMs, and DCPs—and that's just for starters. Yet solving for these matters can go a ways toward determining how easily and widely your film can make its way into the world."

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