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How Mathematics Make Displaying 'Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk' Possible

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Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk was shot in an unprecedented 120fps and in 4K 3D. But presenting that high frame rate properly seemed almost an impossible task until Tony Davis of Tessive stepped in with his synthetic shutter solution.

"On the camera side, the framing is a bit of mathematical problem and that opens up possibilities," Davis explains to Definition Magazine. "The maths doesn’t tell us what will look cinematic, but it does tell us that there is a fairly large world that we can explore. I make a tool that helps reduce judder, which is a camera-side thing. There are two parts: judder and strobing. Judder is what the camera does, they are artifacts or problems that happen at the camera end in terms of motion; strobing are artifacts and problems that happen at the projector end. I don’t worry about projector issues and strobing is almost completely fixed by high frame rate. People thought it would fix judder too, they thought it would fix this jerkiness to the motion, the choppiness, but it just doesn’t. I raised my hand and said it’s because of maths, that’s the reason it doesn’t work."

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