How 'Fargo' Achieves Its Distinct Aesthetic

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Season two of FX's hit anthology series Fargo wipes the slate clean from season one's story and takes place in the 1970s. To capture the era, series producers relied on authentic costumes, props, and even equipment.

"We approached year two with huge ambition," executive producer Warren Littlefield tells Fast Company's Co.Create. "Every pair of shoes, every belt, every shirt, every jacket, everything is period. All the picture cars are period pieces. We had to find the right toaster from the period, the right refrigerator. We even acquired lenses from the 1970s and put them on these state-of-the-art digital cameras to help get across the feel of where we are in place and time. Together with the music, the color palette—all of that helps bring us to this world that we want to access."