Hot Spots

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Honda “Internal Engine”

A Honda racecar tears up a track, accompanied by the appropriate high-pitch mosquito whine. Cut to an internal view of the engine, through the airbox and back out the exhaust. Radium modeled and textured the engine on Maya, and lit and rendered it on Mental Ray. Agency: RPA, Santa Monica, Calif., Production: Cuculoris, Venice, Calif.; Director: Richard Kizu-Blair; DP: Bill Bennett; Editorial: Terminal, Santa Monica; Postproduction: Company 3, Santa Monica; Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld; Visual Effects: Radium, Santa Monica; Inferno Artist/Conform: Mark Holmes; Sound Design: 740 Sound, Santa Monica; Audio Post: Eleven Sound Studios, Santa Monica; Mixer: Jeff Payne.

Avon “Salma's Walk”

Actress Salma Hayak and director Julie Taymor reunite to tout the benefits of moisturizing lipstick in this highly choreographed :30 spot with :20 and :15 lifts, in both English and Spanish. In striking colors and textures, Hayek emerges from water, walks through a field of flowers, dances in a mirrored room, and reclines on a bed in a room with a waterfall. Agency: Pool, New York; Production: First Look Artists, New York; Director: Julie Taymor; DP: Janusz Kaminski; Editorial: Consulate, Ltd., New York; Offline Editor: Chad Sipkin; Online Editorial: The Mill, New York; Colorist: Fergus McCall; Composer: Scott Brittingham, Pull, New York; Sound Design: Hsr/ny, New York; Mixer: Steve Rosen.

Alsou “Always on My Mind”

In the video for Russian singer Alsou's latest song, the only real items are the diva and the car radio knob. Rotating greenscreens created the CG sportscar and its interior. For the rain effect, a DV camera was used to shoot water droplets striking a piece of black Plexiglas. The water was then mapped onto the body of the car, carefully adjusting the size, perspective, and direction of the elements to simulate natural rainfall. Label: Universal; Production: HSI, Los Angeles/New York; Director: Joseph Kahn; Visual Effects: KromA, Los Angeles; Visual Effects Supervisor: Bert Yukich.

Absolut “Unleash the Raspberry”

Four N.Y.-based artists decorated vodka bottles for a series of :30 spots using time-lapse photography shot at Broadway Stages in Long Island. David Ellis, Maya Hayuk, Phil Frost, and Kenji Hirata interpreted “Raspberri,” and then “scrubbed” the bottle clean. Hsr/ny completed the audio post with Digidesign Pro Tools with ProControl. Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York; Production: Go Film, New York; Director: David “Squirm” Ellis; DP/LD: Roger Tonry; Editorial: Origami Edit, New York; Editor/Creative Director: Alex Lebedev; Visual Effects: Riot!, New York; Visual Effects Artist: Jay Tilin; Musical underscore: Killa Kela.