'Hinterland' DP Talks Respecting the Moody Welsh Landscape for the Detective Series

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Sound & Picture talks to cinematographer Hubert Taczanowski who shot the first two episodes of Netflix’s new 4-part series, Hinterland. The detective drama takes place in Aberystwyth, Wales and was shot in two languages: English and Welsh.

“We didn’t want people from Aberystwyth to say, this is not where I live,” Taczanowski says about honoring the location’s natural terrain. “[Director] Marc [Evans] wanted daylight a little bluer and desaturated with greens and yellows in the background. When we went to night, if there was tungsten on the street, we didn’t pull it out, but we went for it.”

“It was a location-heavy project, and they really wanted to show the Welsh landscape--the colors and culture in scenes,” Taczanowski continues. “We didn’t have a big budget, but in terms of shooting locations, they were very generous.”

The color correction work during post-production also followed this credo. “We pulled back the yellows in the sodium vapor lighting to make them a little more pleasing and not as rough, and kept the landscape a little coldish and blue—there wasn’t that much work to do and we really liked how it turned out,” he explains.

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