Is HFR 'Grotesquely Anti-Cinema?'

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Jim Tudor of Twitch calls high frame rate, "ultimately reductive to the filmmaking art form, and grotesquely anti-cinema." He writes, "HFR is even more detrimental to The Hobbit, as it reveals established environs and even characters as complete and utter artifice. Sir Ian McKellan, so commanding as Gandalf the Grey? In HFR, he's now a great actor in an obvious costume. The majestic Elven kingdom of Lothlorien? Now merely the best fantasy set money can buy. Or worse - in the extreme wide shots, it's a digital rendering, an obvious matte painting for a new generation. It's like the difference between processing a costume on a character as part of a fully formed unquestioned vision (via great storytelling, and, as it turns out, the invisible barrier of filmic patina) versus seeing it on display in real life as part of a high-end museum exhibit, or worn by a devoted cos-player. It's no longer part of a world so wonderfully other than our own; now our world has spilled into the window. (But not really.)"

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