Google Compiles Three Decades of NASA Imagery Into Stunning and Informative Timelapse

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Google, in collaboration with TIME and NASA, has produced an update to their already ambitious 2013 Timelapse project.

The new Timelapse features over thirty years of high-res imagery of the Earth from space, showcasing our changing plant.

As TIME explains, "Those brief glimpses belie the extraordinary amount of computer-engineering muscle that went into making the mini-movies possible. The Google Earth Engine team worked with more than 5.4 million discrete images taken since 1984, and gave each one individual attention. In some, cloud cover had to be scrubbed away; in others missing pixels had to be filled in. In all of the images, there were plenty of those pixels to attend to. The average high-definition TV image is made of about 300,000 individual points of light. The Google time-lapse images pack 3.95 trillion pixels into a single frame."

See the project here and read more here


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