Getting Ready to Update to Final Cut Pro X 10.1

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Richard Taylor of LACPUG provides a simple tutorial for how to prepare your computer and files for upgrading to Final Cut Pro X 10.1.

He writes, "Final Cut Pro X 10.1 should be here in a week or two. Now is the time to prepare for a smooth transition to 10.1. There are probably going to be some changes in the way FCPX 10.1 handles Events and Projects. If FCPX follows iMovie 2013, it will have a single Final Cut Pro Library for each Project and associated media instead of the two folder system it now uses. iMovie 2013 makes this new Library along side of your Events and Project folders. FCPX 10.1 should have a built in way to safely open and consolidate Events and Projects prior to 10.1 like iMovie 2013 has."

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