FutureVideo Launches V-Station HD, First Ever Multi-Track DVR Video Project Recording System

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FutureVideo Products, Inc. has announced it will unveil a revolutionary V-Station HD multi-camera video project recording system in Q4, 2012 that simultaneously records up to 160 hours of full HD 1080p at 60fps from four independent HD cameras with eight audio tracks. The project-based turnkey workstation features intelligent project organization and management; automatic clip classification; fast clip search and review; synchronized playback, logging and editing; file-based workflow; and extensive backup and recovery—all in a single package.

“The video industry may think it’s seen something similar to the V-Station HD multi-track video project recording system, but it hasn’t,” explained Robert Cohen, president and CEO of FutureVideo. “Most other multi-camera units are front-end production switchers for live broadcasts where a director switches among multiple cameras but outputs a single channel for broadcast.

“The V-Station HD establishes a whole new product category, so that’s not what we do. It’s a back-end system that lets operators manage projects from beginning to end. With our patent-pending proprietary software, they can acquire footage from four cameras, synchronize it, edit it and output a rough cut faster and easier than ever before.

“Directors can then quickly view and edit multiple angles and scenes simultaneously to maximize control over the rough cut, making it adhere more closely to their creative vision,” Cohen added.

When the project is completed, operators have three choices. They can:
1.    Keep footage in the V-Station HD unit for analysis.
2.    Output a rough cut.
3.    Output a shot/content list and an edit decision list (EDL file) to a non-linear editing (NLE) system.

The V-Station HD four-track DVR unit’s two-terabyte storage disk holds up to 160 hours of full HD video when utilizing all four cameras. All clips reside on a single disk, eliminating the hassle of switching between multiple removable media. There are four HDMI inputs for each camera source, and three outputs for program, preview, and control monitors.

The V-Station HD multi-camera video project recording system also incorporates the following:

•    Project Manager Software: Automatically identifies video clips from all four cameras by project, reel name, scene, shot and take number as they are recorded.
•    The Clip Browser Library Manager: Quickly finds any one of hundreds or thousands of recorded clips from multiple projects.
•    Multi-View Player: Provides synchronized playback via its proprietary TruSync feature. Up to eight clips can be synchronized by time or event from any project.
•    SyncroEdit: Edits clips from multi-angles into a rough cut for project visualization and assessment.

To facilitate workflow, the V-Station HD unit generates comprehensive shot lists and edit decision lists (EDLs). The Microsoft Excel-compatible file contains all production metadata including each clip’s camera information, project recording settings, each clip’s filename, and date/time for review or for importing into a non-linear editing (NLE) system.

The V-Station HD is ideal for cable TV indie producers, theatrical performance, government agencies, medical institutions, industrial, college and high school sports, and the behavioral sciences. It’s a particularly powerful tool for those with video observation and analysis applications.

V-Station HD is offered in two versions: V-Station HD Studio Edition at $12,995 (MSRP) and a V-Station HD Field Edition at $14,995 (MSRP), which comes with a touch screen color LCD panel, and various field accessories.

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