'Flesh & Bone' Creator: "I'm Drawn to Damage"

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Emmy award-winning Breaking Bad writer Moira Walley-Beckett talks to Fast Company's Co.Create about her new dark ballet drama Flesh & Bone.

"I'm drawn to damage," Walley-Beckett says. "I like to explore the darkness and the really, really intricate human components of us."

But whereas in Breaking Bad, main character Walter White "started off as this beige guy, who was seemingly ordinary and led a mundane life, and a decision forced him into finding aspects of himself and acquiring aspects of himself that previously didn't seem to exist," Flesh and Bone takes an almost opposite approach.

"What was exciting to me was to flip the journey, to take this person who is extraordinary already and extraordinary in what she does and extraordinary because of her damage and send her on a quest to be ordinary," says Walley-Beckett. "This is a person who wants to be normal in the midst of her vaulting ambition. She just wants to be ordinary because she never had the opportunity to be."